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Kreative Kits

Would you like us to come to your facility for a class?

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All Kreative Kits include but are not limited to, paint, paint brushes, glue, raw wooden pieces to create the design & shipping.

Fall Project

Pumpkin with sunflower project includes 6 layers of wooden cutouts for painting and wooden plaque. This project is approximately 9inches. All kits include written instructions to assemble, paints, brushes, etc.  It's perfect for greeting guests on your front door! 


Easter Project

The Easter Bunny project is simple for anyone! Create this lovely display with the kiddos or on your own. Bunny stands around 9 inches high and all wooden pieces are included to create. Written instructions to assemble included. $38


At the Vineyard

Do you love anything wine? This piece is the perfect pairing of wine and crafting! Available in DIY form or you may purchase already assembled as shown. The plaque is approximately 9 inches, 9 layers of wooden cutouts and includes hanging for on your wall. $70 


Save the Bees!

This project is approimently  10 inches high by 6inches wide. All wooden pieces are included to crate your be plaque. We use this project to donate portion of its proceeds to Cherry Lane Farm to help them with the care of the bees to produce York County's best honey! 

Hive Rules.jpg

St. Patrick's Day "Lucky" Stand-ups

Adorable, festive "LUCKY" with clovers will be the joy for any group or individual to assemble. This kit includes all wooden cutouts. Green, gold and green acrylic paints, paint brushes and glue! The only thing you need is a table covering and a cup of water. Want to make it extra fancy? Add greens or florals and place as a center piece for the St. Patty's Party :) $38


Mandala Clock

Boho inspired clock will certainly be a conversation piece! Clock comes in DIY form or order already assembled and ready to decorate any room of the house!  DIY kit includes all wooden cutouts, paints, brushes, clock mechanism and hands, written instructions. $48

Mandala Clock- Blue.jpg

Bulk orders of only the wooden elements are available for organizations. Please reach out to us directly to discuss these options along with getting a quote. 

Take a look at past events and creations here:

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