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Single Chamber Bat House

Single Chamber Bat House

Single Chamber Bat House made of cedar. Perfect for bats to hibernate.

This house can hold up to 15 little bats.

Made with rough cedar.

Instructions on how to hang are included.

Some Key Features

1. Chamber as a 7/8" spacing which is just right for bats and not for hornets or wasps.

2. 4 inch Grooved landing pad.

3. Has and open bottom to allow the bat droppings to fall to the ground.

4. Measures 18 1/2" long and 5 1/2" wide with a 3/4 chamber.

5. Both sides inside the chamber at roughed up which makes it easier for the bats to climb up.

6. Will hold about 15 bats.

7. Cedar is rot and bug resistant

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