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You're Welcome to Visit, Aunt Flo.

I’m gonna get a bit personal but maybe I can help others. (I am not trying to sell anything! lol. Just me being me 😊)

I have been suffering with super over reactive menstrual cycle for many years. What I mean is, I have labor-like back pains, boating so much that you could use me as a bowling ball and ask my family how mean I am once a month! I hate it! I told Doctors about it and they just pretty much said, take a prescription and chalk it up to being older. You’re going through “the change.”- don don dooon..

I just don’t want to be a girl anymore!

Well, let me tell you…. Today was an awful, awful day… I went to the chiropractor to fix other back issues and usually his “magic” works this time of the month as well. But I just couldn’t knock this bloating and cramping. Omg! I didn’t even tell you about the CRAMPING- I mean, holy hell, could you just take the vice off my ovaries, please!!!

So, I’m dying and I’m not one for hard drugs. I take an Aleve at most for any pain. After starting Hippie Girl I have really been diving into wellness and health. So I used my BFF, Google, to ask how to help these horrific but necessary craps of being a woman/chick/girl/whatever you call yourself that has a uterus, ovaries and over the age of 35.

Here’s what I found and tested:

GINGER!!! Use ginger for bloating and cramping. Real ginger. Just take a little knot off the root

and blend it into any smoothie or food. I’m currently drinking a carrot, orange, ginger, cinnamon, banana smoothie. Gross right?! Not really. Ginger is a cancer fighter and brain strengthening functionor. Ha! Probably why I’m on this writing kick right now! wahoo!! And, drum roll please………………………..It lessons MENSTRUAL PAINS!!!! Gals, I swear I swear. The results were almost instant!! I really thought I was gonna keel over before I made this smoothie.

Oranges- Just yum… oranges are also a cancer preventative.

Great source of energy, cause you know you be draggin. Of course I have to tell you, it promotes hair growth!!!

Cinnamon- A natural relief of inflammation (bowling ball bloating).

Bananas- Improves MOODS!!! Smoothing the skin and treating those lil red specimens that pop up on your chin and nose! (pimples). Also gives you energy… yup, still typing!

Carrots- Whelp, would you look at that, carrots have also been linked to reducing cancer. It’s like I just found the cure-all for cancer in one smoothie! Jk! Maybe 😉 Also good for brain function. And good for the skin! I’m telling you guys, I am genius! Haha.

So, here’s my cure cancer (I’m not a doctor and don’t claim to be. I am being silly. Just to clarify for any haters.) and menstrual pains all-in-one smoothie recipe:

1 banana

6 organic baby carrots

1 knuckle of ginger

1 orange

¼ teaspoon cinnamon.

Blend with about ½ cup of filtered water and about 4-6 cubes of ice. Blend until smooth. ENJOY!



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