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Workshops and Wonder

This past year brought a lot of uncertainty for our little company. However, it did allow for a TON of brainstorming!

One of the brilliant ideas that developed from the steam coming out of our ears, was to reach out more to the community and search deep about our duty of conservation.

I was able to connect with the very passionate bat enthusiast, Lynnette, who came to our shop and presented her knowledge of bats and the incredible use for them in our eco-system. Did you know that there is a very yucky disease that is taking over the bat community and they are becoming endangered. Do you realize that without bats, so much could go wrong! The spread of disease from mosquitos to human could be extremely catastrophic. Worse than any pandemic that we have seen yet!

On a lighter note;

After the adorable slide show of the world's bats, we moved indoors to the Hippie Shop to begin our bat house building! We had a blast putting our bat houses together and engraving them with the laser! We talked and did some networking about future events and how each of us can contribute to saving the planet. Our guests picked a picture of their liking and we engraved that image onto the houses! I feel this made the houses more welcoming for the bats ;-)

We will be holding more workshops alike for the months to come! If you would be interested in attending such an event, please subscribe to our website.

If you would like to know more about the bat conservation or would like to contribute, please visit

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