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Convo & Crafts- Summer Edition

Creating Conservation through Crafting

"Creativity takes courage." -Henri Matisse

This is a group of women with plenty of courage to go around! They inspire, create and encourage. It is amazing how a collective of humans can come together, laugh, eat, drink and be merry!

Diversity, in my opinion, is what makes this world go round and have all of its glory! From the food on our table, to the wine in our bellies, it all has eclectic origins. From Italy to Japan to the corners of Africa. We can all find a commonality. It seems, that crafting is our common relation here at Hippie Girl Collection.

When I began this adventure, my narrow thought was to engrave and plant trees. Today, it has allowed me to meet more and more like minded "hippies" and share the thing we are passionate about. It has been an outreach to the public to discuss conservation and more! It has been a networking hang out! The support I have gotten has been most humbling.

I know that I am still an infant in this journey but a journey like this is meant to be a slow brew. Just like our plant; it took millions of years to be the perfect plant that it is. Just like a tree that came from a seed, grows its roots to be able to be strong enough to hold up its trunk, to the branches that expand to become the full potential tree. I am a tree.

Thank you:

-JTH Images

-Indigo Woods Florist

-Two Cousins Tree & Sawyer Services

-Boss Laser

-Rose & Rain Gems

-Robert T. Forrey

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